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15 Apr

Apart from English I mostly understand German, ..... Me llamo Alice y hablo el español, el inglés (trabajo con ambas lenguas) y mi lengua materna es el búlgaro. Ahora estoy estudiando el francés y me gustaría hablar/chatear en francés para que lo aprenda más rápido. Hello, I'm 21 years old currently a student and want to continue my education outside Bulgaria. Contact me if you have similar interests :) Hei Jeg har lidenskap for språk . I have basic knowledge of German, by my speech is kind'a old-fash.....

I want to become fluent and speaking English so I'm looking for someone who is native English speaker to hang out and talk preferably in person.....

Whilst most men would agree that Bulgarian women have a reputation for being sultry sex-kittens, strangely not many women say similar things about East European men. Somewhat unfairly, this is probably due to the stereotypical Balkan male being portrayed as misogynistic, macho, aggressive, built like a truck, and about as sensitive as the average brick.

However, it is very unfair to make such sweeping generalisations about the entire population of Bulgarian males and the vast majority of Bulgarian guys are nothing like many of their Balkan cousins.

Of course, a step below is really not that big of a drop-off.

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Bulgaria Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Bulgaria??

Have you found those to be generally true or generally false?

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But what do you think are the major stereotypes about Bulgaria that you as foreigners or Bulgarians have encountered around the world, among the public or among international media?

Honestly I’ve never heard about Bulgarian stereotypes before…

The commons terms associated were : Harry Potter, and the England Vs.

The only possible exception to this rule lies in remote outlying communities cut off from modern civilisation, so if Neanderthal man is your type, head out into the mountains of Bulgaria and you should have no problem meeting him!

Like many East European men, Bulgarian guys can be possessive and jealous, but they can also be sensitive, good natured, and loyal.