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The head teachers' role is to promote academic performance.

It is therefore important that the performance of a school is appraised against the performance of the person who leads it.

Saturated sampling technique was used to select a sample from the high and average performing schools, while stratified random sampling technique was used to select a sample from the low performing schools.

The sample comprised 7 high performing schools, 17 average performing schools and 20 low performing schools.

This included conversion of academic into recreational sessions and subsequent poor academic performances among the majority of the secondary school students in Kenya.

In London, polished, empty, self-regarding professional politician, David Pinner (modelled on any of the dangerously vapid Nu Lab ministerial class), tries to repackage himself as a 'conviction politician’; he is sent off to Zambawi to deal with the case of a British businessman, Gordon Tranter, who has been arrested for allegedly fomenting a coup against Adini.The main approaches are Publics and Nationhood Theories.This combination is basically grounded in modern folkloristic perspectives which call for viewing oral texts as representations of collective thinking.The purpose of the study was to investigate the instructional role of the head-teacher in academic achievement in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations in Vihiga district of Western province.The population of the study comprised 84 head-teachers and 1,280 teachers serving in the 84 secondary schools.