Multiple scleosis and dating

14 May

Because current MS disease-modifying medications cannot be used while you're pregnant or while you're trying to get pregnant, the main concern is the time you spend trying to get pregnant.During this time, you can't be on MS medication and the chance of relapses increases. If you're the parent with MS, you may not have the energy to fulfill all your parenting tasks as you'd like to.If you're a woman with MS, this doesn't change your ability to have a healthy, successful pregnancy.In fact, pregnancy often provides temporary relief from MS symptoms, allowing for a medication-free pregnancy.Many of these problems can be addressed with medications, sexual aids (such as lubricants), and other solutions.

Finally we discuss similarities and differences of the pathology between classical MS and other inflammatory demyelinating diseases, such as neuromyelitis optica, concentric sclerosis, or acute disseminated encephalomyelitis.

Remyelination of existing lesions may occur in MS brains; it is extensive in a subset of patients, while it fails in others.

Active tissue injury in MS is always associated with inflammation, consistent with T-cell and macrophage infiltration and microglia activation.

However, the individual components of the pathological spectrum vary quantitatively between early relapsing and late progressive MS.

Widespread confluent and plaque-like demyelination with oligodendrocyte destruction is the unique pathological hallmark of the disease, but axonal injury and neurodegeneration are additionally present and in part extensive.