Models dating rock stars

09 Feb

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Slade fans also knew that Hill didn’t just save his ostentation for the spotlight; he drove a Rolls-Royce sprayed gold with the number plate YOB 1 in homage to his self-styled nickname, ‘Superyob’. As this likeable autobiography shows, the council-estate boy from Wolverhampton, who co-formed the band that eventually became Slade, really wasn’t a yob.

During the band’s short skinhead phase in 1970, their manager booked them into a smart London hotel purely with the intention of getting them kicked out for misbehaving.

Brandi didn't hold back during the riotous chat in which she described her hot hook-ups with the Uber driver and her dates with the actor, not to mention her vaginal rejuvenation and why Erika Jayne will never replace her on Housewives.'I had a great date last night with my Uber driver. I guess I have cut back a bit, but I still love my wine.

Driving from Calabasas all the time means I’m in the car a lot, so I now pack healthy snacks to take with me.''When you’re on a show like that you need "reality juice." I think that was kind of a crutch for the show. I’m not going out like I did almost every night on Housewives, you know, we’re having dinner parties seven nights a week and drinking every night.

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