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Students who pass the HT (ASCP) exam will be eligible for Florida licensure in histotechnology through the Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel, Department of Health.Students are evaluated for acceptance into the program based on academic criteria (completion of prerequisite courses) and interview.Tuition: either pay affiliated University for 24-28 credits, or if already have BA/BS degree then pay program 00.In addition, students learn management and education methodology principles, problem-solving and troubleshooting expertise, as well as research skills. Traditional HTL level program in the School of Clinical Laboratory Sciences located at Carolinas College of Health Sciences in Charlotte, NC.Plan to apply 3 months prior to the semester chosen to start. Program duration dependent on credit evaluation of previous college experience.Award: BS in Clinical Biology with a Specialization in Histotechnology. Award: Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Histotechnology. After successful completion of program students are eligible to sit for the HTL exam.

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My one of a kind sculptures satisfy an obsession with the tactile as they reveal light, space, and the concept of duality.The graduates are eligible to take the HT, ASCP exam with an Associate Degree in Applied Science and HTL, ASCP exam with a Bachelor Degree in Science.The curriculum courses work concurrently with the practice lab and clinical rotation, consisting of: accessioning, distribution, tissue processing, embedding, microtome, automatic and manual staining, special staining and Cytopreparation.The School of Histologic Technicians (HT) is a 7 month laboratory NAACLS-accredited certificate program working with tissues from operating rooms, doctors' offices and autopsy.During the 7 am - pm program, Monday through Friday, students learn the theory and technical skills in the Histology laboratory, related to infections, cancer and tissue abnormalities.