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10 Feb

“So some parts of my silence were attempted to be forced on me, but in my own spiritual journey, I had come to a very silent place.” Ready to break her silence, Stewart gives her account of what caused the group’s demise – and she insists there was no personal grievance between herself and Ambrosius.“To this day, there is nothing that Marsha and I had actually fallen out about.And it was heartbreaking for me to see my friend go along with the ideas of her PR and management who wanted to jeopardise and blacklist me, which is what they did.“They blacklisted me because I fired the man who used to be our manager and he very much wanted to make sure that he was able to say that old American cliché of ‘you’ll never work here again’.

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SUCCESS STORY: Stewart (left) with Floetry bandmate Marsha Ambrosius at the Soul Train Lady Of Soul Awards in 2003 “I never begrudged Marsha doing interviews or doing what she wanted to do,” said the London-born lyricist.Marsha revealed she’s “going to wait until I see her. THE BREAK-UP of British duo Floetry in 2006 came as a shock to many.Less interested in chasing fame, she says that it was her refusal to branch out into more mainstream soul that pushed her and Ambrosius apart. A lot of the journey, to the point of Marsha signing with Aftermath and going solo, had been about me not allowing Floetry to be sacrificed to this idea of trading on what a success it was.“I walked away and I tried to get Marsha to walk away with me, to be able to protect the integrity of the music and stop it from being pushed into a more mainstream, hip-hop production.