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13 Feb

OTOY’s cinematic render engine for the Unity editor has arrived!Octane Render® is the first and fastest path-traced, GPU-accelerated render engine.Because Octane Render can read Unity materials and lights, even legacy lightmap workflows can be accelerated with path-tracing.The Unity community can experiment with Octane Render’s baking system in beta today, and more features and support will come shortly.Recorder makes composing films through Timeline, Cinemachine, and now Play mode, that much easier.In advance of next year’s Octane 4 with Brigade, our real-time path-tracer, Octane Render for Unity is limited to pre-rendered content.When you load any one of them, you will be prompted to install Octane Render for Unity.

Working late - 32 per cent Going out with friends - 21 per cent Business trip - 15 per cent Going out with colleagues - 14 per cent Going to the gym - 9 per cent Going out with friends - 29 per cent Working late - 18 per cent A friend covers for me and says I was with them - 17 per cent Shopping - 15 per cent Going to the gym - 12 per cent According to the data, 50 per cent say they only occasionally change their excuse, just often enough to throw their spouse off their trail.

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The top spot went to a Holiday Inn in Santa Monica, which makes sense, since that's the number one cheatingest 'hood in Los Angeles.

According to a press release, "LA hotels no one seemed to be using included the Mondrian, the Roosevelt, and surprisingly, the Chateau Marmont." AM polled 2,768 men.