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14 May

Fiennes has flash backs of a love affair in the past and he enters a world full of romance, politics and tragedy.

As the story goes, Bill Cosby treated the kids on the Cosby Show much like his own children – so when he got wind of the fact that Bonet spent one of her hiatuses having crazy voodoo sex with Rourke in this New Orleans-set murder mystery, he had her fired.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then the movies have been beholding it since the very first filmmaker trained a camera on a pretty girl.

Well it’s not just a matter of curiosity Your existence is what makes or breaks this world to me Because if you’re not real, how do I know what is?

Director Casey Nicholaw said the success of the show - written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone - came down to its blend of "good contemporary satire and good old-fashioned entertainment.

She convinces her to come back to her hotel room for the night.

Natasha resists her at first, but as the night continues their relationship deepens as they slowly fall in love. This WWII romance won nine Academy Awards in 1996 and it’s no wonder with its storyline between Ralph Fiennes who plays a wounded soldier and the nurse who is taking care of him, played by the beautiful Juliette Binoche.