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03 Mar

She covered her shoulders with a chambray shirt and was lugging a brown leather shoulder bag.On the choreographer's feet were fur-covered sliders.'I just know that when I'm on set he's my coach and I'm the student, so I listen a lot more and I don't speak up as much because this is a field I don't know,' she told Us Weekly.'He's trained me and taught me so many amazing, wonderful new things just like any trainer would or teacher would.'A representative for the show has since confirmed that Maksim will be back dancing for next week's show, according to People.Maksim took full responsibility for his absence via Twitter, and apologized to his partner on Wednesday.The adorable couple get to work together this season, as Johnson is a troupe member while Val's season 25 partner is Victoria Arlen.And next week he'll team up with Maks as well, partnering with his brother and his celeb partner, Vanessa Lachey, for group routines."I never want to battle it out with him, but I don't necessarily want him on my team either," Val told ET. He definitely adds to the team and most importantly he adds Vanessa Lachey to our team.The Ukrainian-born choreographer was the first to the studio and he was loaded up with his caffeinated order, plus a salad.The Burn The Floor dancer looked ready to work in black sweatpants and Adidas sneakers, plus a blue t-shirt and cap.

The star refuted claims her domineering attitude caused the professional dancer to walk away from their pairing on Monday.

The partner he left in the cold that night, Vanessa, showed up 20 minutes after the ripped dance instructor.

The Psych actress also looked ready to hit the dance floor, wearing yoga pants that showed off her toned legs, as well as sneakers and a low cut black top.

And definitely her votes will go to me now, thanks," he joked.

Kate Upton is certainly not shy about showing off what the good Lord's given her.