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Kendu Isaacs (1992) – She had an experience with music maker Kendu Isaacs in 1992.Chris Webber (1993-1995) – Nia was involved with ball player Chris Webber from 1993 to 1995.Dorsey (1999-2001) – Nia was involved with performer Massai Dorsey.They got occupied with 2001 yet their relationship did not keep going long and they isolated following 10 months of the engagement.If drinking bothers you for whatever reason, then why not focus your search on non-drinkers?I also have no desire to get buzzed/drunk, so I've never had a need to acquire the "acquired taste." I don't have any religious or moral objections to drinking unless it drifts into alcoholism.

Or are you against all drinking for moral/religious reasons?

The first lead single was "Toy Boy", the single debuted at Number 41 and later climbed to Number 4 on the UK Charts at which it successfully remained for three consecutive weeks.

The track also reached Number 3 in Switzerland, while also reaching the Top 15 of Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

I am not much of a alcohol drinker, I don't like the taste very much, so I would like the other person to not drink alcohol very much.."I just think it'd make you more relatable if you drank," he ended.

I looked at him, blown away he had really spent the majority of our dinner trying to push alcohol on me.