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05 May

By Zach referring to Frank’s crying moment as moody and on his period, he is consciously making a decision to assign Frank to having “girly” traits, or hegemonically feminine ideals.

Butler believes this heterosexual matrix forms the relationship to build the nuclear family. Sex distinction is presumed to always be two, and only two, categories of sex. Both authors refuse to recognize this sex distinction.More and more evidence keeps piling up, and the results show that this is not the case.One doesn’t even need to look back into human history to see that the differences among human sexualities are bounteous; one only needs to look around.While watching Real World San Diego 2 last Wednesday, there was a preview for this coming Wednesday’s episode, which is at the mark for reference: I. In the two episodes that have aired, Dave and Zach have been as quiet and politically correct about it as they can, but in this week’s episode when Frank’s bisexuality becomes “real” and he brings home a guy from the bars, Dave freaks out. Anyways, Frank defines himself as bisexual, which both straight dudes Dave and Zach find strange and baffling.