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Adam's mother Hope had also gone blind and the doctors warned the couple when Hope was pregnant, that the baby might inherit this blindness gene as well.

When Adam is brutally beaten by another inmate, he tells his father that as Victor's son he is a target there.

is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, last portrayed by Justin Hartley as of November 2014-September 2016. Hope and Victor divorce that year and she later returns to Kansas insisting that Victor stay out of his son's life. Victor has limited contact with this son over the next few years, until June 26, 2002 when Victor visited Hope who allowed him to spend time with an excited Victor Jr.

The role has previously been played by Chris Engen from 2008-2009 and most notably by Michael Muhney from 2009-2014. In 2008 Victor visits Hope who is dying from cancer.

Adam attempts to cover up the incident by placing a knocked-out Ashley in her bed and burning her bloody nightgown. Charles Taylor into convincing Ashley that her baby is still alive with a diary belonging to his dead girlfriend, Skye Lockehart. Heather sees a note left from Nikki, revealing that Adam is "gay".

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Nick and Jack become suspicious of Adam and then begin to suspect that the baby is alive.

Adam escaped the room by jumping out of Sharon's room window then later called Sharon to meet him in the Club basement.

Nick, Victor, Jack and several others went instead.

Sharon Newman is pregnant by Nicholas, her ex-husband and Adam's half brother. When Sharon goes into premature labor, Ashley believes that she is as well.

Adam steals Sharon's baby and passes it off as Ashley's.