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22 Feb

Virgo concerns work or service because it is the bridge between the personal physical values of Taurus and public physical values of Capricorn. Prefers practical, plain and simple things to fancy or frilly. It is a Sign that often prefers to stay single and unmarried. A Virgo has the control of a Capricorn over the excesses of a Taurus, and so keeps finances and possessions well-ordered.

Being fussy and particular about having things ‘just so’ describes the Virgo type because it is all related to that moment of physical perfection this Sign represents.

In order to understand the meaning of this Sign, Virgo should only be taken in the context of its relationship to the other Earth Signs of Taurus and Capricorn, and to the Earth Element as a whole cycle.

One Sign could not exist without the other two of the same Element, they do not work separately.

By the same association, when pictured with a scale, Libra reflects the transition from Virgo’s scale of commercial balance.

But Virgo does not have wings, and Libra does not have a scale.

The physical expressions of Taurus and Venus are – young, beautiful, rich, sweet, abundant, fat, soft, gentle, rounded, female, nurturing, goodness.

The Virgin can either be seen holding a rod called a Caduceus (or a plain rod), or a Scale.

Virgo represents the female child starting and reaching physical maturity, a virgin girl whose potential feminine qualities are not yet fully expressed, still neutral.

Virgo’s perfection brings puberty, when the first period is the sign that all parts of the reproductive system have matured.

The physical expressions of Capricorn are – old, ugly, lean, decayed, dying, poor, lacking, wintery, lean, bony, male, ‘evil’ (as in living good – dying bad! The third Earth Sign Capricorn concerns (‘them’) impersonal or outer mass earthly matters, the physical collective and possessions of the many, the shared resources of a group where there is less to go round than on a personal level.

The winter brings an ending but sets the way for transformation into a new beginning.