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04 May

Or maybe you said or did something that your child experienced as deeply wounding even if you never intended to hurt her.The other possibility is that you might discover — or be forced to finally acknowledge — that something is “not quite right” with your child. He’ll pick a really expensive restaurant and I go along with it because I think, At the end of the meal, though, he’ll push his chair back, tell me how I ruined his life, call me a tightwad — even though I’m paying for dinner — and walk out in a huff.” Sometimes an adult child’s behavior is so bizarre that there might be a personality disorder or mental illness at play.“I called him to say we were sorry that we had spoken negatively about his in-laws,” she said.“He shouted at me, ‘You just don’t it.’ He’s right; I don’t.But I am worried about his mental health.” When Divorce Fosters Disunion Coleman says divorce may be the single most common cause of family alienation.Resentments can run deep, and some kids never get over it, however amicable it seemed to you.

“We see him rarely anymore, and when we do, he’s a different person — nervous, agitated.” Martha expressed concern that Emma seemed to be controlling her son.

Sometimes they don't like, or actually resent, the people you date (or marrry) afterward.

“My ex-wife continually told our daughters what an awful man I was,” Ted Bernard says.

The couple wound up sharing custody of their two younger children (both boys), but Jamie told the judge she hated her mother and wanted to live with her dad. Over the years Kay has seen Jamie only on rare occasions and manages a strained, bimonthly phone call. (MORE: How to Heal a Rift With Your Adult Child) Now Jamie is getting married and has informed Kay that she can attend the wedding, but she may not walk down the aisle.

Nor will she be seated with the family or be included in any family portraits.