Katrina kaif dating

24 May

Her Father is of Indian Origin from Kashmir and Mother in British.This mixed parentage has given Katrina sparkling beauty.Kamli Song took a place in dhoom 3 when Katrina kaif wanted a last chance to audition for circus that aamir khan owned.I don’t know much about it because I don’t have any chance to watch dhoom 3 yet.Anyway, acting may not in Katrina’s forte but dancing; she really is a true master on that department.Katrina Kaif was born on July 16, in Hong Kong in 1984.This helped her to boost her carrier and today she is one of the topmost models in the world.Katrina Kaif made news with her relationship with Salman Khan also.

She acted with Salman Kahn in Mem Ne Pyar Kyo Kiya. Katrina was grown up abroad and was not speaking Hindi initially.’ The dance routine in Kamli is so damn seductive and sexy.I know he’s married and totally committed, but let’s be honest, even if a married guy encounter situation like this, I am sure that he will end up jizzing his pant. Watching Katrina Kaif dance on the close distance like Aamir did might cause me a slight hysteria and a sudden lesbian explosion towards her.This was a big drawback for her in the initial days of her carrier in Bollywood.But she did shine in Modeling with the image as a Bollywood heroine.