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28 Apr

My husband and one of the courtesy clerks have something in common. Because of Shasta Robson’s unprofessional behavior, my friends and I will not be shopping at this store.I have lost respect for this store director and will be letting all my neighbors know about how she treats her employees. She just throws her arms up in the air and says “I don’t care!Never seen any other store that runs ads the way they Albertsons does.

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Courtesy clerks should not be yelled at to clear the parking lot of carts as soon as they arrive at work, when the blame lies on the courtesy clerks before them who did not do their jobs. I am shocked to have witnessed this unprofessional behavior from a Store Director.

” when she is told that a customer who was banned has returned to the store. I saw a man carry cartons of beer and food out of the store, and no one stopped him.

I was shocked to overhear that Nicky, a manager at this store, wanted the courtesy clerks to wash trash cans and place them on the shelves for the customers to purchase.

I won’t purchase food from the Wing Bar because I’ve seen customers take food from the Wing Bar, and leave the bones on shelves.

They walk right out of Albertsons without paying for the food they just ate. I will be alerting the Health Department about this situation.