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17 Mar

It's a very easy week for me because you just sit about watching films and reading books and you can pretend it is real work.

And live TV is easy because no matter how much of a prat you make of yourself, it is over in an instant and they can't ask you to do it again and you just go for a drink and everyone tells everyone else that they were wonderful. They both came from huge families - my mum had six brothers, and my dad had eight sisters and two brothers.

Particularly when it comes to Peterson’s opinions on women.

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And they decided they would take their motorbikes and ride through Italy, where my dad had been in the war (he spoke great Italian). And my mum was so happy to have me that she read and read and read to me.

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Is it a sort of therapy, or is it mostly to make money? I write to make money, because it is my job, and I write as therapy, because it helps me to make sense of the world and my life in a way that nothing else ever did (not drugs, not drink, not anything) - Man and Boy was written as therapy when my mother was dying of lung cancer.

Everyone thinks of it as a book about my father and my son but in fact my old man had died many years before.