Is joe jonas still dating chelsea staub

24 Feb

Joe's understudy, which happens to be Van Dyke, replaces him.Throughout the practice for the play, Van Dyke seems to be replacing Joe in his life, too.In "Date Expectations", Stella gets asked out by a guy, and asks for Macy's advice on how to break it to Joe, but is mad when Joe starts interrogating Ben.In "America's Sweethearts", Stella finds it difficult to see Joe kissing another girl, and Joe reminds her that she has a boyfriend, and that they shouldn't get upset if the other dates someone.When asked what her favorite things about Joe were, she responded "The way he flips his hair out of his eyes, the way he smiles when he's nervous, and his heart." She continuously denies crushing on Joe, but after everyone had walked away, she moans "Oh, who am I kidding? In "Double Date", Stella and Joe admit their feelings for each other, and kiss.The next day, they reveal to a stunned Nick and Kevin that they are a couple now.

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In "Frantic Romantic", Stella is jealous at first when she thought Joe was going out with Fiona Skye.Stella asks him what he thought it would do, when she remembers that Joe informed her that when a guy does mean things to a girl, it means he likes her and she reminds Joe of it.She asks Joe if he has a crush on her, and Joe stutters while fake laughing, and makes an excuse not to answer the question by saying "I gotta go on stage". In "Fashion Victim", Stella gets a chance to date Van Dyke Tosh, but Joe gets jealous and sabotages their outfits for a special event, resulting in Stella ending the date.In order to get Joe out of his "relationship" with Jessika, a.k.a. Stella then admitted to starting to like Joe again.After that moment, they don't talk much to each other for a while.