Is alex oloughlin dating sophia myles

27 Feb

Three Rivers is about the lives of organ donors, the doctors, and recipients of the organs at Three Rivers, a preeminent transplant hospital in Pittsburgh. Cassie later discovers that she possesses dangerous powers, and is being ... He uses his supernatural abilities to help mortals in need, a difficult task if he is to keep his own identity a secret.

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One night, a case leads Mick to reporter Beth Turner, a beautiful human woman he feels bound to protect. However, throughout the show, Alex O' Loughlin clearly has his left ear pierced. See more » I know Moonlight has not gotten rave reviews, has been likened to so many other vampire stories but, it truly is different. John is a new breed of vampire with new rules, new ways of meeting his needs and, a new outlook on being a vampire.But while he struggles with his romantic feelings towards Beth, he meets an enigmatic brunette who looks identical to his ex-wife Coraline --the woman who turned him into a vampire, a woman who was supposed to be dead... With me being a big fan of all and anything vampiric, I was pleasantly surprised.Yes, there are a few clichés here and there but I really enjoyed the first episode with the reference to the vampire cult case in Florida.After graduating from NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts), he began his career in Australian television and film productions.Some of his TV credits include roles in Black Jack: Sweet Science, Love Bytes and White Collar Blue.