Intimadating lee

01 Mar

All and all the experiance was solid and I would recommend the course to others.The Instructor is very knowledgeable, patient and made the information easy to understand.

As far as the technology goes live online based webinar classroom was greatsitting, watching, interact, ask question, repeat there were a few mishaps on the tech side with the audio dropping out and being logged out randomly.

It will mean the difference between a long, lucrative career and a short, costly one. I think the class should have been broken up into smaller durations.

For example six2 hour sessions or five 3 hour sessions. With no experience in going through training and obtaining my license, this course was very straight forward, it didn't speak over my head, and I liked the ability to review and retake the practice tests in order to reinforce my learning the subject matter. The course content and delivery was a very effective introduction to Xactimate, covering basics within every aspect that you may encounter in an entry level position.

This was NOTHING compared to listening to the Bozos that were in the class ask such stupid questions or questions that had NOTHING to do with learning the software.

There should be a way to kick those few out of a class that hamper the rest of us from learning. The course content and Nadine Bisson the instructor were excellent. Hopefully, the issues the class had with the logging into Go To Meeting is not a typicalissue rather the rarity.