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28 Mar

Her thong was already soaked, and she hadn't even started having fun yet! All three men were nodding their heads feverishly, and Tina chuckled to herself at how easily men were to control. "I'll start with a glass of white wine -- but I'll be wanting more later," she replied, staring directly into his startling blue eyes. She listened to a little of the typical small talk, but her attention was on Chris and how we would fill her needs.

She walked over to where her victim was standing, and he paused in mid-sentence as he scanned her. Before too long, it was obvious that the other guys were ready to move on to some more fertile hunting ground.

She looked over at Chris, who was watching her intently. I want to see what's underneath." Tina didn't even think twice.

He was wearing a crew neck sweater underneath a tweed blazer.Chris walked across the room and stood in front of her. She straightened back up, standing there in her bra.Her 38B breasts were pushed up, presenting an inviting sight. Take off the skirt -- I want to see the rest of it." She did as she was commanded, sliding the leather skirt down to join her blouse on the floor.Chris stared at her, then nodded his head in approval. She stood there in her bra and thong, thrilling at the attention from this hot stud.She was already imaging all the things she could do to him -- and he to her in return.