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18 Apr

It is extremely important for nutritionists in industry practice to use this type of tool to monitor the quality of the soybean products being utilized in poultry feeding, in order to predict and consistently manage animal performance in a commercial setting.

Further research about the relationships between Quality Assurance Laboratory measurements of Soybeans and poultry performance is granted.

Sometimes it is convenient to assume the same QA specs for Soybean Meal as applicable to Full Fat Soybeans.

However, Full Fat Soybeans are a different ingredient, with a different nutritional composition, and entirely different processing conditions.

In the poultry industry, soybean meal is the main source of protein and amino acids in diets.

in 1996 concluded that steam toasting could effectively inactivate Trypsin Inhibitor Activity (TIA) and lectins in soybeans, with a concomitant reduction in the Urease Activity (UA), lectins and Protein Dispersability Index (PDI).

At temperatures of 102 °C and 120 °C, TIA, UA, lectins and PDI decreased with the prolongation of heating time in a logarithmic pattern.

Considerable knowledge has been accumulated over the years to quantify the need and effect of heat treatment in soybean meal for animal feeding.

In contrast fairly limited information is available to address the specific issue of Quality Assurance (QA) specifications for commercial Full Fat soybeans in Poultry Feeding (Ruiz, et al., 2000).