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28 Mar

It added that she has internal testes – male sexual organs which produce testosterone and which in turn produce muscle bulk, body hair and a deep voice.The official results of the tests have not yet been released and IAAF spokesman Nick Davies has warned the claims in the Australian media should be ‘treated with caution’.Chilean transsexual tennis player Andrea Paredes von Roth, 37, was this week knocked out of the Futures tournament in Buenos Aires by Briton Nicola Slater.Ms Paredes, born Ernesto Paredes, had a sex-change operation in 2000.The treatment of Caster has become a political cause in her home country, where some have accused athletics bosses of racism.

Caster has been unable to compete in athletics since the scandal broke around her last month during the World Championships in Berlin.

'After that, depending on the results, we will meet privately with the athlete to discuss further action.'Leonard Chuene, president of Athletics South Africa, said the organisation would advise the teenager to ignore all speculation until she had been officially informed of the results of the tests.

He said: 'Our people will speak to Caster and ensure that she puts these rumours from her mind. 'The IAAF has issued a statement that said the case will come before the executive council in November where it will be decided.

Under the association's rules, the 22-year-old had to have 'gender verification to determine sexual status' after having her male genitalia removed three years ago.

Gronert is currently ranked 555th in the world but her status has caused anger among players and coaches who claim she has an unfair advantage.'There is no girl who can hit serves like that, not even Venus Williams.