Hearing aid dating

07 Feb

A clinician will be able to fit the aids safely, avoiding potential damage to a wearer’s hearing.

Should a purchase be made, particularly of a second hand device, they should not be worn or programmed without the wearer having a hearing test in a sound-proofed environment.

The model said: 'Virgin Active immediately responded to my post on Facebook and made contact with me to meet with them.'We had a discussion about what happened and they were extremely apologetic about everything.'Somebody on the creative team, probably uneducated about hearing disability if I can say so, told them to remove it.'Unfortunately nobody thought the better of it and that the impact of the bigger picture would be an unwelcome one.'Virgin took off all the adverts and put the original one back on.'Miss Botha Welgemoed has modelled for Virgin before in their 'Ballet Barre' series, during which the firm learned she was hearing impaired.

But her implant was still featured on billboard ads from the campaign. in South Africa is an active representative for the deaf community.

The program is a 3 stage process that involves a preliminary screening (Stage I), an Intermediate Sweep and/or audiogram (Stage II) and the Medical Referral stage (Stage III).

About 5% of all children screened require a medical referral.