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29 Apr

9 They're not your typical bodice-ripping Harlequin romance novels.There's blood, witch trials, soirees with French society, voodoo rituals..are fantastic books and I am re-reading the series now for the umpteenth time.I also got my sisters-in-law hooked...they're just as excited as I am about this.

"Diana Gabaldon has a true gift for understanding human emotion and translating it for the rest of us to understand." Nothing actually wrong with that, I'm just not interested in seeing a romantic 18th century adventure on the big screen.Yeah there is love and some hot sex (men can dig that can't they? I would say it could very well be like Braveheart - there was love and stuff in that wasn't there? 8 The "bad guy" is Jack Randall (Black Jack Randall), and he is evil to be sure.Jamie is short for James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Frazier, and probably the most compelling hero ever written.Anyone familiar with the books that can convince me otherwise? The romance is good, but the action and historical aspects are very well-done, and the story is exciting and fast-pased.I'm not sure how much this would appeal to men, as the books were always presented as romances, but I know of very few other authors that have such a wide and varied readership.