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29 Apr

It will be exciting to see what the producers come up with and how they decide to write the screenplay.I think in the end men and women will both be able to enjoy this movie.Essential has fast-tracked the project and is hoping to quickly get it into production sometime next spring.I'm not at all familiar with the books, so we'll rely on Amazon reviewers to provide some further insight.9 They're not your typical bodice-ripping Harlequin romance novels.There's blood, witch trials, soirees with French society, voodoo rituals..are fantastic books and I am re-reading the series now for the umpteenth time.Yeah there is love and some hot sex (men can dig that can't they? I would say it could very well be like Braveheart - there was love and stuff in that wasn't there? 8 The "bad guy" is Jack Randall (Black Jack Randall), and he is evil to be sure.Jamie is short for James Alexander Malcom Makenzie Frazier, and probably the most compelling hero ever written.

However, -40 million is not a lot of money to make a movie.If this time it sticks as a feature film, how it is adapted is the real clincher as a tremendous amount of story would have to be cut to fit a movie-length script, and production costs would be high to accommodate locations, costumes, etc.But, a studio could have a lot to gain by turning a beloved book with a built in huge fan base into a good movie adaptation. ) As to the guy/girl appeal - love how you gents jump to conclusions with little to no info.Enjoying them again, in audiobook so I can do it at work, and now news of the movie. 18 Okay first off I would like to say that this series of stories is a god send, it got me hooked into looking at my own Scottish heritage and loving it all the more.I would like to point out to all the guys and gals that happen to think this amazing woman's work is just some silly paperback romance novel, and just mention she spent years doing research on a culture she had no idea about, her books are classified under historical fiction, because that's what they resolve around, the historical aspects of 18th century Scotland during the Second Rising of the Stuarts all the way to the happenings of the American Revolution.