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We realize before they do that the two of them are sharing the same dreams night after night, where each is a deer in a snowy forest, a fact that only becomes apparent to them when a theft at the factory leads to psychiatric interviews with all of the possible culprits.The discovery changes both of them, driving Maria to try to figure out how to relate to another person, while Endre rediscovers the sense of empathy he seems to have lost through years of disappointment.Enyedi’s script offers a meditation on loneliness, especially for people who were, perhaps, not made for this world, like Maria, or who have grown tired of its letdowns, like Endre.Even with this utterly improbable link between them, the two find it difficult to communicate with or understand each other, and that disconnect threatens to leave them lonelier than they were before they discovered their shared experience.Greg: Which player would you Wander to if you had a choice?Keith Law: Greg, even if I Wander, I’m keeping you in sight. I have generally gotten negative enough reports on Welker’s defense to think he at least has a chance to move off that position. Dana: Would you hit Judge/Stanton/Sanchez 2-3-4 or break them up somehow with a lefty?

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Animação da galera quando a musica é tocada automaticamente por um moderno “MPTudo” com playlists prontas baixadas da internet Pra que serve um DJ?

Keith Law: Any fan, reader, or Twitter follower who accuses me of hating his favorite team is telling me one thing: He’s dumb.

(It’s always men, BTW.) It’s truly a lack of intelligence – there’s no way I could do this job effectively if I carried actual biases against any organizations.

The role requires her to walk a tight rope to avoid -like caricature without giving Maria too much emotion or sensibility, as if a relationship could ‘cure’ her.

Even when the story hits its dramatic climax near the end, Borbély does not veer outside the character’s boundaries, reacting at one point in a matter-of-fact way to something awful that it became a darkly humorous moment instead.