Girlfriend denture dating

22 Feb

I can see instances where it might be better, but if he has a relatively normal set of teeth and gums it seems kind of dumb. He always had dentures, and no one ever would have known if he didn't tell you. It sounds like you have a hang up with the idea of him 'losing' his teeth.My SO has (or should have) a bridge where he lost a couple teeth oh, thirty years ago in a fight.I guess I'd just be happy that he bothered to do whatever he had to do for his oral health.One of my exes got dentures when he was 16 because his family has problems with thin and weak enamel on their teeth. The alternative was to have bad teeth for the rest of his life, or at least until they all fell out, no matter how well he tried to take care of them. If the image you're having is of teeth soaking in a jar every night; dentures flying out of your mouth at inopportune times, chattering teeth chasing you around the house to bite you -- pretty much everything we see on TV is misrepresented. Any image in the media would be skewed so as to be milked for comical purposes.Even if the moment has passed, still ask "So why again did you mention you wanted to have all your teeth replaced, were there medical reasons or something? There could be numerous reasons he HAD to have them replaced, as others have mentioned, and some that they haven't (ie--my father doesn't have full dentures, but has plates..a result of so many teeth getting knocked out in his youth while playing hockey). Frequent vomiting and acid reflux can cause massive damage. He had to have all the teeth removed and just never liked the lower denture.But if it's for voluntary reasons, that could be a tad odd, unless he's going for full replacement chicklets, lol. Also, tons of medications out there cause dry mouth. Without it, teeth can decay so rapidly that trying to fix them is like waging a losing battle. Obviously, he's had this issue my entire life, and quite honestly, most of the time I don't even remember. So the guy had severe problems with his teeth and is getting dentures rather than running around with bad and/or no teeth? Seriously he could have been an accident, could have been ill, could have done drugs, but the biggie is that he is taking care of himself.I don't make anything of someone in their 40's having dentures.

As long as someone has good oral hygiene, I don't see a problem.

Eventually she had them all pulled and had false teeth put in. Hey sh1t happens, if you can't overlook it, move on.

Many things come to mind, weak or thin enamel affected his teeth, some drugs can cause decay(both recreational and prescribed), lack of insurance, and a host of things could have caused it. I think it would be better than the alternative of looking like a fence with slats missing!

That they aren't adverse to making stupid decisions.

But I don't know if maybe he has some sort of hereditary defect, or have a lot of pain in his mouth, or need a lot of dental work, or not have regular access to a dentist, or extremely vain, or some mental issue, or he associates it with status in some way.