Gay dating in philadelphia

20 May

New in 2018: Plays & Players Theatre as headquarters and seven days of screenings.More about q FLIX Philadelphia Diners nosh for a great cause on April 19 during Dining Out for Life., a towering art deco building on the west side of the city.From 30th Street Station you can head west to explore UPenn’s college campus or hang out with the crusty queers, granola hippies, and hipster lesbians in their collective-living-style row houses in in Philly—yes, UBER, which I wouldn’t recommend in cities like New York but highly recommend for getting around Philly, especially in the winter.The provides a perfect perch 57-stories high for visitors who want a memorable Instagram pic of the Philly skyline.And, if you find yourself wanting to join the flock of drunken sports-folk on South Street, Philly’s is an eye-catching wonderland for anyone interested in the artistry of architecture.If steak isn’t your thing, there I personally recommend the shrimp and grits, with poached egg on top, as well as the side dish of roasted foraged mushrooms, which is so hearty that it could actually serve as an entrée unto itself.With approximately 150 restaurants set to open in Philly this year, the attraction of The New Thing may lead you to overlook some incredible dining.

These are the icing atop the city and region’s annual pride celebrations, weekly bashes in bars across the Gayborhood and cutting-edge performing arts with LGBT twists. And, unlike other cities where the gayborhoods are dominated by gay men, in Philly’s Gayborhood you’ll find a ton of women of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, and gender expressions. And if you find yourself traveling into the city during the winter months, there is plenty to do both in and around the Gayborhood.In fact, the gay-radius (what some may label “early-onset gentrification”), now extends beyond the Gayborhood, east to (YES, THIS IS WHERE THE LESBIANS ARE! It is in these two neighborhoods where you’ll find cute galleries boutiques, dive bars and bowling alleys, and incredible up-and-coming restaurants.The hotel includes a complimentary light breakfast with your stay, so you can enjoy a croissant and coffee in the morning before venturing out into the city for the day.Incredibly unique to Philly—and a #Deep Lez dream—is the fact that a number of the city’s best eateries are owned and operated by lesbian couple Chef Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran. For example, Jamonera is their Spanish tapas bar; Barbuzzo features Turney’s interpretation of Mediterranean fare; and Lolita offers modern Mexican food with tremendous margaritas.