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20 May

If steak isn’t your thing, there I personally recommend the shrimp and grits, with poached egg on top, as well as the side dish of roasted foraged mushrooms, which is so hearty that it could actually serve as an entrée unto itself.

With approximately 150 restaurants set to open in Philly this year, the attraction of The New Thing may lead you to overlook some incredible dining.

The city offers a full calendar of events in 2018, including an expanded fifth-annual q FLIX Philadelphia film festival and a Fringe Festival rounded out by a special Bearded Ladies Cabaret performance as well as a concert featuring both Rufus Wainwright and the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus.

These are the icing atop the city and region’s annual pride celebrations, weekly bashes in bars across the Gayborhood and cutting-edge performing arts with LGBT twists.

For example, my UBER trip from Washington Park, just east of the Gayborhood, to 30th Street Station costs only .

And, if you find yourself wanting to join the flock of drunken sports-folk on South Street, Philly’s is an eye-catching wonderland for anyone interested in the artistry of architecture.

Eat it all—the great thing about staying at the Independent Hotel is that you have free access to the 12th Street Gym, so you can literally roll out of Bud & Marilyn’s straight into the gym and onto the treadmill.

in Logan Square, which is located en route on the way to the art museums.

(Also, for margarita lovers: hit , just around the corner from the Independent Hotel.

Decorated as a 1950s throwback, Bud & Marilyn’s is Turney’s creative reimagining of mid-twentieth-century classic American cuisine, including a banging meatloaf and a life-changing (with a curried sesame graham crust! But you must—YOU MUST—try the fried chicken with homemade biscuits.