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16 Apr

“I had a hunch that it would be used outside of gaming, but it wasn’t anything we thought specifically about.”Discord is a chat- and voice-based application that has been growing in popularity among gamers and anime fans.“Because we have such a large product, I think it’s inevitable that you have people who are misbehaving,” he said.

"The chat has been much quieter in weeks, but I suspect that's because they have moved more to private twitter chats."The anonymous user said he also suspected that it wasn't just Americans and French people in the Discord group."Right now there is this loose sort of alliance between Russian neo-fascists like Alexander Dugin and the international alt-right," he said.Which appears to be true — there have been several recent 4chan threads where users with American IP addresses are asking to learn about Alexander Dugin, a prominent fascist Russian political scientist.Beyoncé surprised the world today by dropping her new album, in full, without announcement. As fans try to process the 14-track “visual album” all at once, we got to wondering what the French lyrics on “Partition” mean—and what we found came as a bit of a surprise.