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21 Mar

The collated evidence hasn't been subjected to any investigative powers legislation, any quality control and hasn't been sanitised in any way to protect innocent parties or victims.

They have been successful no doubt, but it concerns me greatly that we have what is tantamount to self appointed law men doing this. I thought the report on the news that contained these figures included the quote from the police deriding the efforts of the so called paedo hunters for potentially endangering children and wanted to encourage them to stop.

"While I might applaud their motives, it is still unregulated entrapment - wrong for the same reason that it is wrong to "Name and Shame" on Fab, it's open to abuse.

A sensible, rational viewpoint "" The police haven't utilised their services.

It's an indictment of the times if we believe vigilantes are the way forward.

That's one way of looking at it but the simple fact that the police are increasingly turning to them for help suggests that they're doing a public service.

A while ago i started a thread lauding Danny Catcher a hero that should be given a medal.

The individuals act totally independently then when they believe they've caught simeone they call the Police who turn up and are presented with evidence.At the very worst, as highlighted above, the vigilates' lack of training and uncontrolled methods lead to the targeting of innocent individuals.There was or still is a group of peado hunters on a very well known social site that set up these peados online and video the capture by them then arrest by the police of the peado and then put it on the media site and follow up with the case after." Independent investigators and paedo hunters have certainly been successful in assisting in the gathering of intelligence on abusers, but ONLY when they have acted in full cooperation with, and on the advice of, the Police and CID.By contrast, vigilante groups who operate on the principle that ANYTHING is permissible if it means catching a paedo often end up causing yet more problems for our justice system.