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14 May

I brought back a few plants for Asian friends & neighbours, but they rarely survive for more than 2 winters in Sydney's cold climate.

This plant is rarely found in nurseries, but if you are going to Broome, Karratha, or Darwin, I could give you contacts of people there who has Pandan plants in their backyards. san and kim, i think i have masochistic tendencies where plants are concerned - i want to grow one for the thrill of growing it, rather than just have them from the grocer's.

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Those that I brought in were 'soil-less' and the roots were wrapped in wet news paper to keep then alive during the flight. I am also trying them out in various positions of the garden.

Two next to the shed getting morning sun, one next to my 22,000litre water tank getting some overhead sun and 6 in pots which I move to the greenhouse in winter. I thought Pandans are propagated from the tiny shoots/baby plants that arise from the parent plant. I agree with Kim that there is a good strike rate of propagating these plants through water.