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24 May

This second problem is often discussed under the meme Is Google evil ?

In a way after Snowden revelations we all now need to learn Aesop language (slang is actually almost in-penetratable to computer analysis, unless they are specifically programmed for the particular one) and be more careful.

But we now need to understand that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are no different.

But from the other point of view, Fecebook skillfully promoted this "", and they got what they deserve. In a current NSA-inspired debate about the moral consequences of digital technologies, it is important to realize the danger of seamless integration of services under Google (especially within Android) as well as other Internet Oligopolies (I doubt that Microsoft with its Windows 10 is much better).

You can direct all emails from you subscriptions on newspapers, sites and magazines to it.

You real account should via one of small ISP on your own domain and possibly using special DNS server.