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24 May

She has ongoing anxiety, anger and depression." Sachman was on bail for stalking offences in Busselton when he molested the girl.The court was told how Sachman made sexually explicit and threatening phone calls to a woman once described as a friend who owed him 0.Samit was yesterday sentenced to six years and eight months in jail.

Sachman will be subject to lifetime restraining orders over his two victims.

The court heard Samit followed the woman as she walked home in January 2011.

He pulled her into bush in Old Broome and assaulted her, leaving the 28 year old with extensive cuts and bruises.

Judge Hampel said that a jury at Samuel's trial heard that the odds were 120 million to one that the DNA came from another Caucasian male.

Samuel lived in Torquay for less than a year in the late '90s before moving to Queensland with his family.