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23 Feb

Here, three other glammies tell LYNSEY CLARKE why being a young mum and a youthful gran should be celebrated.FULL-TIME mum Maxine Newman, 37, lives in Daventry, Northants, with her chef husband Adam, 36, and children Georgia, 18, Jack, 15, Harry, 14, and Poppy, four.Claire, of Ossett, West Yorks, says: "Being a mum comes naturally to Cara and ­seeing my baby with her own baby makes me feel so proud.

She says: "Despite the initial shock, being a grandma so young is amazing. "I have stacks of energy to play with Harrison and feel like I can really engage with him.

“Three years ago I set up my own business painting furniture.

Being self-employed means I can split my time between my work and helping Cara. “My friends call me 'glam-ma' which makes me smile, and I’ve been mistaken for Jesse’s mum.

She gives great advice about what to expect.” MICHAELA NORMANTON, 37, was 17 when she had her first daughter Ellis, and 17 years later Ellis had a son, Harrison, now two – making Michaela a gran at 35.

Cashier Ellis, now 20, is in a ­relationship with Harrison’s dad, vehicle engineer Aaron, 21.