Famous dating service marketing slogan

20 Mar

The Iranian consumer goods company marketed laundry soap using the Farsi word for "snow", which is all well and good until it’s translated into English and distributed as "Barf Soap." We thought Mc Donald’s biggest fault to date was popularising the term “French fries” (apparently they originate from Belgium), but how wrong we were.

When Mc Donald's first brought its signature Big Mac to France, it was translated to "Gros Mec”, which in French reads as "Big Pimp".

For a marketer or advertising agency, it’s important that your team has come to a collective understanding about what your message needs to be.

Generally, keeping a slogan under eight words will ensure you’re using all 8 words as effectively as possible.

When it comes to crafting a catchy brand slogan or ad slogan, you want it to transcend time.

This marketing blunder is so famous it’s almost an urban legend.

The popular beer company, seeing great success with its tagline “Turn it loose”, attempted to adapt it to a Spanish market, resulting in the slogan “Suffer from diarrhea”.