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06 Feb

Pressured by hurried schedules, we're looking for new creative outlets for unique connection, and inventing a new kind of cave art.

The use of these visuals allows us to create a unique language that our friends will recognize and quickly translate into more complex conversations of subtext and shared experiences.

Like you would do away from the computer and in the real world!

A new Facebook Messenger study has revealed that the rise of messaging apps has actually increased our communication with others rather than isolating us.

I think people get carried away and try for attention before they get to know people and that is not my cup of tea, but must work for them.

There is a lot of noise and insecurities in here, that is ok it is their choice.

Jodie Delight: @Party - I'm not above anyone...though I am smarter than most and it's basic common sense. You should know what you are getting into when you come on here. Little_Cutiepie: That's my point they are not dating sites. While I’ve met a couple of people from here who have other interests beyond diapers it feels like most messages that ever reach my inbox are people who just seem to be hyper-focussed on the fetish. When I say I’m happy to talk but I’m not really all that intruiged by their diaper it is sometimes met with some hostility.

'Technology has opened up multiple pathways of dialogue, bridging divides of age, culture, and profession,' the survey explains.80 per cent of adults aged 19-64 and 91 per cent of teens aged 13-18 across the world message every day, and 66 per cent of people who message say they have more authentic conversations.The study also found that 71 per cent of people have 'sidebar' conversations - secret chats we have on our phones while in meetings, at dinners or watching TV.More to like about a person." - First impressions count for a lot. But when you get gross messages from sexed crazed brainless people; it's an automatic reaction to say "Dumb sick pervert" which they are.You can't say there's more to like about a person, if they don't talk to you NORMALLY.