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20 Apr

Clearly, the e-commerce portion has made some people a lot of money.

I think that what you’re going to see is that folks who have enough of a footprint are going to start making a reasonable amount of money on the media side as well.

Then we provided local comments on the news, and then eventually local forums with original stories.

So, I think that there are different ways to skin a cat.

Patch has actually been able to — with presumably a fair amount of help from AOL — they’ve seen solid growth.

What we found is that local [information] and a local context has a higher uplift in value to advertisers.

And so I think that’s what’s coming out right now for the next phase of this evolution.

So now the question is whether you could scale that journalist model across 800 different communities.

Let me point out the Examiner is doing something very similar but they actually also have print — essentially giveaway print publications.