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25 Feb

Those 2 apps require a pretty substantial chunk of memory for themselves to run smoothly, swap memory is the solution designed to solve this very issue.When the system runs out of active memory and requires more in order to complete the current process, memory will swap (for empty memory space) an unused (or cached) part of itself with the swap memory to use as active memory until it is no longer needed or the swapped process is called, then it swaps back.It is not necessarily for recovery because only about 1% of the files in the jci folder are modified so replacing the entire jci folder is overkill to say the least.It is also for finding issues, if any exist they can usually be found in those files.

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You have to manually switch the audio channel to USB (or Bluetooth) and play a silent audio track or pause the audio to play the audio from the video by itself.

It doesn’t matter if you choose tweaks for uninstalling that you haven’t installed.

AIO is designed to discover and revert only the changes that have been made by AIO with a few necessary exceptions.

During installation/uninstalling, a log file is created (AIO_log.txt) and some additional files will be copied on the USB drive.

Please make a ZIP file of them (complete root of USB drive) and send that to me or upload somewhere (e.g. You can download this tweak to make a copy of your jci folder, zip and upload if we need to take a deeper look into your files to find the issue.