Effective dating tips shy guys online dating pros

08 Mar

Make it warm and friendly, I think “Sincerely” is just fine but you can go beyond that with a “Your partner in water conservation, Jane Doe” if you choose, just make sure it’s not cheesy.

Technically Here are some technical points: In the previous post I talked about when you should mail, how often you should mail, etc.

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Again, bullet points are my preference; short, sweet, bullet points.

” This is the paragraph (or two) where you might even include a premium for renewing quickly, such as: “If you renew your membership in the next two weeks, we will send you our lovely low-flow shower head so you can begin to conserve water right away!

” This is also the place where you can ask them to renew at a higher level or add an extra amount to their membership.

Also show some excitement about what you have planned…you just can’t wait to get to the projects!

If some of what you have planned is continuing the programs you are already doing, that’s fine, but do emphasize why those programs are so necessary and important.