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27 Mar

I only had a week to find a place so I didn't have a lot of options. There's about 40 bars/clubs/pubs/patios within 3 blocks of me now.

If the first bar of the night is dead you can leave and walk 10ft to the next one.

From what most of my friends have told me Vancouver is really depressing with 6 months of rain in the Winter/Spring.

I also find people from the West Coast aren't very genuine. People will literally go out of their way to help you.

English is not an official language in the province,you'll be confronted to language problem all the time .

Nice electronic music scene too if you are into that.

I work for the City of Ottawa and I see a lot of people from all over Canada, and the East Coast are hands down the friendliest.

They've literally given me free beer and lobster for doing my job and having polite conversation with them- Its insane.

Jobs are pretty scarce though, especially if you can't speak French. It gets a lot of flak on the boards but I think most of it is over exaggerated. In case you haven't picked up on it yet, always live downtown in any city! Also has the best music and art scene of the three cities.

Maybe I had an advantage because I went to school there so I already had a social circle to pick and choose from but you can still game.