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11 Feb

Izzard's story is one of dogged determination, in which he continually challenges himself to take his career to the next level.

As a shy boy, who lost his mother at the age of six and was shuttled off to boarding school immediately following his Mum's death, Izzard stayed on the outside of the social world at school.

When Izzard finally got up the nerve to go out in public “Dressed to Kill” (the name of one of his comedy shows), he encountered some unpleasantness.

He tells the story of being in London and passing by a young black woman who was with a white man. ” because he was wearing a dress, make-up, and heels.

Recently Izzard appeared at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, which was a rare opportunity to see him up close and personal.

I wouldn't have had to build everything myself, from scratch.

He did enjoy playing “football” (soccer in American English), but he gave the sport up at an early age.

Izzard enjoyed performing from a young age, but even in school he couldn't get himself noticed enough to procure a lead in a play.

Izzard, who attended Sheffield University, majoring in Finance because it sounded like the right thing to do, assumed that a theatrical group from the University would be forming a group to attend the Festival.

When he found out that Sheffield did not participate in the Fringe, he thought, “I'm at Sheffield University, I'm doing Accounting and Financial Management with Mathematics, and I can't get my actual career started---because nobody goes to the Edinburgh Fringe. 178) And by sheer grit, Eddie Izzard cobbled together a small group of friends, created a rather unimpressive show, and went to Edinburgh to perform.