Eamon sullivan dating 2016

21 May

From not liking school and working casual jobs at Mc Donald’s and Subway, Eamon went on to win three Olympic medals and twice set a world record in the 50m freestyle event.

Now, having retired from swimming at an elite level, Eamon is successfully growing his four Perth-based hospitality businesses.

And yeah, from there, when I left school I wanted to do a chef apprenticeship, and that was before I made the national team.

I wanted to do a chef apprenticeship, and quickly figured out the hours and the time and effort involved wouldn't really go hand in hand with elite sport.

Up until that point, I thought it looked like human excrement, to put it politely.

And that was just, a young person, "Oh, this looks like crap," and it wasn't until I made it, I realised that everything that was in it, I actually liked those individual ingredients, and that's when my mind changed from just only eating what I knew, to experimenting and giving things a go.

And our head chef, across both venues, has his own garden, and we get a lot of stuff out of there, and his back yard.

So, we use a lot of local stuff, to try and make it as approachable and as simple as we can.

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So, I've got a distribution business that I do, we've just got a small warehouse, and distribute vegan soft serve which is called Cocowhip.And that was 2013, so coming up to, I think, four and a half years now. We opened about 2015, so early 2015 two years after Bib and Tucker.And that's more of a neighbourhood café, where we play more on the old school techniques of cooking, whether it's fermenting and pickling, making our own pastramis, doing a lot more in-house.Did you always want to get into this side of work after your swimming finished? And the only thing I actually really enjoyed was Home Economics, which was cooking.And at the time, I was swimming 10 times a week, and I was just absolutely starving all the time.