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02 Mar

As a precaution, remember to backup your data where possible.Since Texpad 1.6.2 we have migrated from the Dropbox’s old .If you’re a long-time user of Scrivener you’ll know it’s had a version of Dropbox sync for years.But you couldn’t use it to keep two separate instances of Scrivener in sync —say, on your desktop and your laptop. The way Scrivener used to sync to Dropbox was with the menu File (rtf) files, one for each scene in my manuscript.Don’t worry too much though — Scrivener will flag these for your attention.

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(You don’t need to use the manual File Sync menu any more.) But if you make changes on your computer, and then different changes on another device before Dropbox has a chance to sync, you can end up with conflicts that you’ll need to sort out manually.

It gives every impression of syncing, and after the first time it instantly reports that there's nothing to sync (as one would expect). I assumed it had done that, and I then I did a wifi sync to the mac this morning.

However the most recent entries in my notes are missing on the i Phone, so it pretty certainly isn't updating from the Dropbox files. The app update and sync on the i Phone followed next.

For the full Dropbox sync goodness you should have the latest version of Scrivener, so before you get started be sure to check for updates. From now on, any changes you make on one device will be reflected in Scrivener on your other devices each time Dropbox syncs — whether those devices are computers, i Pads, or even your trusty i Phone.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to follow along with your own project. Scrivener will open up and replace the Recent Projects entry for your project with the new Dropbox sync version. Keith from Literature & Latte wrote a blog post recently where he said you don’t need to quit Scrivener on one device before opening it on another device when using this kind of Dropbox sync.