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02 Mar

You need the matching generations of Text Expander to match up the syncing.

Below is a chart of the versions of Text Expander app icons matched up.

As an example, let’s assume your documents are stored in a folder called as if they were the same (indeed they are same).

The second folder will of course show up in your Texpad i OS’ Dropbox and allow you to work seamlessly on your files.

The way Scrivener syncs with Dropbox now is different, and it’s way simpler.

Under the new sync method, your Scrivener project sits directly in your Dropbox folder. If you name the folders within Dropbox correctly, the i OS version will know where to look for Scrivener project files and sync them automatically.

As best I can tell, Dropbox syncing is working brilliantly on the former but not the latter. I now suspect that what happened was that when I was adding some notes on the i Pad last night, it didn't actually update the file in Dropbox at the time automatically.Once you get yourself set up it works smoothly and is far superior to the old manual syncing method.I’d like to thank Bettina from for the question about syncing Scrivener between her PC and laptop that formed the basis of this blog post.If you have the official Dropbox app installed the following dialogue will appear Select Allow in the bottom right hand corner to authorise Texpad to access files in your Apps/Texpad folder, Restricting your document storage to the Texpad folder may seem inconvenient.There is a workaround that allows you to leave your documents where they are and simply create links to them in your Dropbox’s Texpad folder.