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Lexie wonders whether she has what it takes to be Laird after Archie leaves Glenbogle to go mountain climbing in Nepal with his sister Lizzie in honour of their late father.

After Duncan's relationship with Hermione self-destructs, he and Jess begin a friendship that leads to a more serious relationship, while nearly simultaneously, Molly and Golly's long friendship, dating to the earliest years of her marriage, starts taking a turn in a new direction.

Golly's daughter, Jess, comes to live in Glenbogle.

Duncan finds a new girlfriend in Kilwillie's niece Hermione, and Paul finds that he has some admirers in the glen.

When Archie hires a new cook, Lexie becomes upset and jealous, and insists on a cook-off, the dish of which is an old, relatively unknown Scottish recipe.

Despite Stella's sabotage, intended to show Glenbogle in a dim light at the Midsummer's Ball in an attempt to stay at Glenbogle for love of Archie, the bank's chair returns control of the estate to Archie, who finally realises he's in love with his faithful friend Lexie, and proposes.

Monarch of the Glen is a British drama television series produced by Ecosse Films for BBC Scotland and broadcast on BBC One for seven series between February 2000 and October 2005 with 64 episodes in total.

The first five series of Monarch of the Glen told the story of young restaurateur, Archie Mac Donald, trying to restore his childhood home in the Scottish Highlands, starring Alastair Mackenzie, Richard Briers, Susan Hampshire, and Dawn Steele, whilst the final two series of the show focused on new Laird Paul Bowman trying to modernise the estate, primarily starring Lloyd Owen, Tom Baker, Alexander Morton, and Susan Hampshire.

Making a difficult situation worse, they discover that he is AWOL from the British Army.

Molly tries very hard to be welcoming to Paul, realising that being her late husband's illegitimate son is not his fault, and that in fact, he wasn't even aware of this fact until his mother's death. Golly is devastated to find that Duncan is romantically involved with new cook, Irene, but Duncan himself is horrified to find that Irene is set to have a child, the product of the marriage she has run away from.