Deanna casaluce dating lauren collins

06 Feb

In later seasons, she is involved with classmate Alex Nuñez (Deanna Casaluce), who is a lesbian, and begins identifying as bisexual.I don’t want to suggest that all female guitar players are queer, nor do I want to assume the storyline is inherently progressive.I’ve only caught random episodes of both series with friends who either rented the DVDs or watched marathons on The-N.She drew attention to season two’s “Shout,” which focuses on date rape and a teen girl survivor working through the aftermath.Other notable episodes dealing with rape are "Standing in the Dark" pts.1 and 2 (season 7) in which Darcy contracts an STD from a roofie rape, and "Jane Says" pts.

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Not only do PMS perform the song at an event, but Michalchuk strums her guitar and takes over vocals to confront Dean through song.I'm really glad to finally see Bitch pick up on Degrassi: The Next Generation, one of my favorite TV shows.I agree that that series is laudable for its treatment of teen life and moments of empowerment.I’m more inclined to read certain queer women’s affinity for the ax as a means of showcasing the erotic potential of the manual dexterity involved in playing an instrument modeled after a curvy feminine torso.As this is the assumed domain of riff-savvy straight rock gods like Jimmy Page, I read these instrumentalists as reclaiming this sort of mastery for themselves.