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29 Mar

There is no harm in asking if they would like something, and if they don’t want it, you’ll know for the future!Food, drink, physical items, and energy are all viable offerings.Leave It Open To Interpretation Always keep communication open.

Bonding is simply getting to know each other, and being comfortable together. You can read a book with them, watch television, offer to have meals with them, do energy exercises, or simply dance and sing to express yourself with them!Tarot, Maybe Not As a beginner, I highly recommend staying away from divination techniques that will give you an answer even if the spirit/entity does not choose what to answer with.These methods would include Tarot, Oracle, and Music Divination.Most companions are not intimately familiar with human customs, so never assume that they know not to do something in your household or to you/your loved ones.House Rules keep everyone safe and comfortable, and prevent miscommunication. Concerning Offerings Conjurers tend to leave what the being likes within the profile, or you can contact them after a transaction to receive that information. Until you know what your companion dislikes, offer what you can, and what you think they will enjoy.