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11 May

If so, it would make no difference whether the origin server has its own certificate.Cloud Flare may claim that there is no way plaintext can be accessed from their equipment racks, despite the fact that some sort of decrypt and re-encrypt must occur there due to the nature of their role as a CDN.When they see the padlock on their screen, they feel that everything is safe. It's easy to use for a cybercriminal with numerous domains hidden behind the privacy services of various registrars.Moreover, the subdomain wildcard option on each domain is handy for obscuring a URL in a phishing email.Paid accounts make up about five percent of the domains that use Cloud Flare, according to news reports.It's all a marketing effort anyway, whether paid or free.

He clicks on the URL in the email and ends up at bankofamerica.q4It's a cash cow for everyone, but especially for bad guys.The same situation exists for anyone who needs a throwaway email address that's nearly impossible to trace.on the use of SSL by Cloud Flare and similar services.The Cloud Flare certificates we found all had the common name in the same style as the "" shown in that Netcraft report.