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21 May

After paralysing the arachnid, the spider wasp drags it back to its underground lair, lays an egg in its abdomen and waits for its larvae to hatch.

At this point, its offspring disembowel the spider and eat it from the inside.

The spider is then dragged into the wasp's nest where it will lay one egg into the still-alive abdomen of the spider.

The wasp larvae will then feed on the inside of the spider, until it breaks free as an adult wasp.

It is important to improve rear end visibility, which will keep riders safe at all the time of the day.

LED tail lights are better choices cause they are brighter and they draw less power.

Find a nice dark place, sit on your bike and watch where your beams fall.

Remember to sit on your bike after each adjustment to make sure it is correct.

They have 'huge eyes' - two large ones and six smaller ones - and instead of spinning webs rely on catching prey by chasing after it, like wolves.Amateur photographer, Kenneth Gisi, witnessed a chase between a spider wasp and wolf spider in his back garden in Texas and caught it on camera.He said: 'I was out working on building a chicken coop when I noticed this spider wasp hovering over the grass.''Then I noticed the wolf spider and knew exactly what was about to happen, as I have seen this before.'Despite its size, the wolf spider failed to escape from the agile wasp in a high-paced chase and quickly became paralysed in the grass.The site also provides biker dating reviews, tips and resources.Bikers all know that riding at night can be dangerous.