Dating your husband

29 Feb

please feel free to share this with your spouse or pass along to a friend who would enjoy reading it.after all, most people could use a little more passion and a lot less burping in their lives!this is generally a good thing but every relationship has it’s TMI threshold and ours was finally reached after 7 years of being fully grasp this concept, you may want familiarize yourself with the post why my husband and i started dating again.agree to chill out on the netflix marathons and actually spend quality time together. think about why that was and go do those things together again!one of the nice things about not actually being 100% in the dating zone is that you are hopefully able to communicate about this.

when you want to see something change in your relationship, talk about it.There was a time several years ago when my husband and I were really struggling.Of course we still loved each other, but we were finding it difficult to really each other.our extreme comfort levels were not helping us feel sexy/passionate towards each other and we were starting to feel more like roommates and less like husband and wife.this may seem basic but i’ve talked to plenty of couples who are very comfortable using the bathroom in front of each other (we were too…well only ‘yellow because it’s mellow.’) i get it, it’s convenient, especially if you only have 1 bathroom in your home like we do.