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06 Feb

But traditionally, the problem lies in the interpretation of the data, with too much emphasis put on the negative consequences of arriving in the middle.

The age gap between siblings can make an enormous difference to their personality and behaviour.

His remarkable ability to think outside the box and take moderate risks are attributes often found in middle-borns.

This is not only a far higher proportion than the numbers in the overall population, but also confounds a conventional belief that eldest sons are always the strongest personalities and therefore natural-born leaders.

The trials they go through, such as having to speak up to ensure they are not ignored, are good preparation for adulthood.

They have to bide their time and wait while the first-born gets to star in the school nativity play, or they wait while the last-born’s paraphernalia is piled into the car.

Yet the sense of indifference from parents and isolation that ‘middles’ feel as children can actually serve them well in later life.

So they learn the art of delayed gratification, one of the true measures of civilised behaviour.

Interacting with those older and younger than them, they also learn the art of compromise.

Within their families, they are said to be neglected, underestimated and misunderstood.

Their place in the birth order is seen as one of disadvantage, since they do not receive the same attention given by their parents to their siblings who, as first and last-borns, are showered with particularly intense attention.